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Single Sourcing - the Sequel

Sarah O'Keefe


In this presentation, you'll learn about the promise of single sourcing--consistent output to a variety of channels from one content repository--and the challenges of this approach in today's complex content universe. Instead of focusing on a single common content source, modern content delivery focuses on delivering a consistent end result--even if it is not derived from a single content source.


10.06.2020 | 15:00 Uhr
10.06.2020 | 16:00 Uhr
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Sarah O'Keefe

Sarah O'Keefe

Sarah O’Keefe, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Scriptorium Publishing to work at the intersection of content, technology, and publishing. Today, she leads an organization known for expertise in solving business-critical content problems with a special focus on product and technical content. Sarah identifies and assesses new trends and their effects on the industry. Her analysis is widely followed on Scriptorium’s blog and in other publications. As an experienced public speaker, she is in demand at conferences worldwide. In 2016, MindTouch named her as an “unparalleled” content strategy influencer. Sarah holds a BA from Duke University and is bilingual in English and German.