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    Standards and Legislation

    From risk assessment to safety and warning notices

    Roland Schmeling

    Every manufacturer of a product needs a risk assessment. Otherwise, a safe product is inconceivable. Risk assessment and risk reduction require a systematic and iterative approach in a suitable team....



    What matters in the Design of Empirical Research for Translation Studies


    With its inductive nature, empirical research is first of all intended to observe and describe one or more aspects of a phenomenon as these occur in “the real world’ (Toury, 2012, p. xi). The ultimate...


    Software Documentation

    Real-world applications of AI in technical software documentation

    Vadim Fintinari

    Presented by the Founder and Head of one of the leading AI Engineering teams in Europe, this session will dive into how technical writers can apply AI today to prepare for the present Gen AI...


    AI in Terminology Management: No Brain - No Gain

    Frau steht vor Skyline und bedient intelligente Applikationen
    Azadeh Eshaghi

    Find out how AI tools are enhancing workflow efficiency and accuracy in terminology management and discover why the human element remains irreplaceable, ensuring precision and safeguarding against...


    Software Documentation

    The role of Artificial Intelligence in Software Documentation

    Monica Chis

    In the digital age, software documentation is critical for understanding, adopting, and maintaining software products. The setting of software documentation is changing significantly as Artificial...


    User Experience

    Everything you need to know about UX writing and building content design systems

    In his 60-minute talk, Yuval Keshtcher offers practical insights into UX writing, focusing on creating effective documentation, style guides, and content design systems. This session will be a...


    Technical Writing ,Tools and Technologies ,Intelligent Information

    Guidelines to write for GenAI agents

    Selvaraaju Murugesan

    This session, " Guidelines to write for GenAI agents" addresses the pressing need for swift, precise documentation responses to customer’s questions. With the emergence of advanced AI technologies...


    Intelligent Information

    Use of iiRDS in companies: iiRDS in the Knowledge Graph

    Logo von iiRDS Intelligent Information Request and Delivery Standard
    Ulrike Parson ,Achim Steinacker

    iiRDS is a vocabulary for technical communication. To implement corporate semantic applications, additional standardized vocabularies are required, for example, for product classification and...


    Technical Writing ,Intelligent Information

    How Can a Technical Writer Cope With The Challenges of Digitalization?

    Technischer Redakteur vor dem Computer_Aufnahme von hinten
    Andrea Wagner ,Maris Arentzen

    This webinar offers a look at the tasks of a Technical Writer and how digitalization and new technologies affect our daily work.


    Technical Writing

    How to improve technical documentation with Information Mapping Methodology

    Kim Van Den Heede

    Organizations rely on Technical Communicators to transform complex information into content that is clear and easy to understand. Using our Information Mapping methodology helps you to achieve this...