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17 x 24 cm, 118 Seiten, 1. Edition 2017
ISBN 978-3-944449-59-3 (Softcover)

DIN A4, 118 Seiten, 1. Edition 2017
ISBN 978-3-944449-59-3 (E-Book PDF)

Year Book 2017

Volume 1

Autor(en): Fritz, Hellmich, Ilieva , Lundin, Mitova, Orue, Schober, Hong
Verlag: tcworld GmbH
  • Jahresbände & Zusammenfassungen
  • Annual Book Series

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Year books are a new publication series from tekom Europe. The first pages of this publication keep you informed about recent developments in tekom Europe and about country organizations. Stay current on all the trends in technical communication with this volume.

Über das Buch

This year, six of our ten country organizations introduce themselves and present some of their activities: tekom Belgium, tekom Bulgaria, tekom Danmark, tekom Magyarország, tekom Österreich and tekom Romania.

The main part of this year book is reserved for articles on current trends in technical communication. 

  • Preface (Isabelle Fleury)
  • Why Do Users Often Not Understand Manuals? (Jonatan Lundin)
  • Applying Software Development Principles of Information Architecture – An Introduction to SmartInfo Development (Yi Hong)
  • User Assistance Development Using Examples from BoschTechnical (Heike Hellmich)
  • Hi, I’m Tina, Your Robot User Assistant! (Dima Ilieva and Ekatarina Mitova)
  • An ERP Chatbot from Scratch: Unit4™ Wanda Digital Assistant (Priscill Orue)
  • What Is Intelligent Information? (Michael Fritz)
  • Augmented Reality – Basics and Application (Martin Schober)