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DIN A4, 101 Seiten, 1. Edition (translated from German Ed. 2014) 2018
ISBN 978-3-944449-56-2 (Softcover)

PDF, 101 Seiten, 1. Edition (translated from German Ed. 2014) 2018
ISBN 978-3-944449-66-1 (E-Book PDF)

Safety Notes and Warning Messages

Autor(en): Heuer-James, Schmeling, Schulz
Verlag: tcworld GmbH
  • Recht & Normen
  • Praxisleitfäden

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Since technical communicators have developed a growing awareness of product liability issues, safety notes and warnings have increased dramatically in product manuals and handbooks. The American standard ANSI Z535.4 for safety signs and labels has been frequently adapted for this purpose since the early 1990s. That decade also saw the introduction of what are called “safety chapters” to manuals. Many writers are still uncertain about the correct design and wording of safety notes and warnings. Meet the challenge of providing excellent safety notes with this guide as a source of clarity.

Über das Buch

Legislators around the world, particularly in Europe, have set minimum rules concerning both the content and presentation of safety-related information. In 2012, an international standard – IEC 82079-1 – covered the subject in more detail. This guide introduces tech writers to the legal regulations and rules set in diverse standards and provides practical suggestions on how to apply the rules in daily work.

  1. Purpose and Objective of This Guide
  2. Product Safety and Information
    1. The Role of Information in Product Safety
    2. From Risk Assessment to Safety Note or Warning Message
    3. Types of Safety-Related Information
    4. Tasks and Opportunities for Technical Communicators
  3. Legal Requirements for Safety-Related Information
    1. Germany, Austria, Switzerland
    2. Requirements in European Law
    3. Specific EC Directives (Particularly, CE Marking)
    4. USA
    5. Brazil
    6. Russia
    7. People’s Republic of China
    8. Examples of Requirements in Various Industries
    9. Requirements from Case Law
  4. Requirements for Safety-Related Information in Relevant Standards
    1. European and International Standardization – EN, ISO, IEC
    2. US Standardization – ANSI and Beyond
  5. Recommendations for Implementation
    1. Basics of Structuring and Presentation of Safety Information in Instructions
    2. Safety Notes
    3. Warning Messages in Context
    4. Warning Signs
  6. Glossary
  7. Abbreviations and Bibliography
    1. List of Abbreviations
    2. List of Cited Laws, Directives, and Standards
    3. Literature