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    Technical Writing ,Intelligent Information

    How Can a Technical Writer Cope With The Challenges of Digitalization?

    Andrea Wagner ,Maris Arentzen

    This webinar offers a look at the tasks of a Technical Writer and how digitalization and new technologies affect our daily work.


    Technical Writing

    How to improve technical documentation with Information Mapping Methodology

    Kim Van Den Heede

    Organizations rely on Technical Communicators to transform complex information into content that is clear and easy to understand. Using our Information Mapping methodology helps you to achieve this...


    Intelligent Information

    Implementation of iiRDS in industry companies

    Logo von iiRDS Intelligent Information Request and Delivery Standard
    Stephan Steuerer ,Lena Wenner

    After the introduction to iiRDS on April 18 in the tekom Danmark webinar, this webinar offers companies a more in-depth information on the practical implementation of iiRDS with Use Cases.


    Technical Writing

    Get to Know the IFU: an introduction to documenting medical devices

    Leah Guren

    An IFU (Instructions for Use) is the medical device industry's version of a user manual. In this rapidly growing market, TechComm professionals with the right skills and knowledge can find an...


    Introduction to iiRDS

    Logo von iiRDS Intelligent Information Request and Delivery Standard
    Ulrike Parson

    iiRDS stands for intelligent information Request and Delivery Standard. This standard provides a uniform package format and a metadata vocabulary to deliver technical documentation content to systems...


    Software Documentation ,Career

    Building a Quality Culture for Software Documentation

    Monica Chis

    For the creation and delivery of high-quality software products or applications, a strong quality culture for software development and quality-oriented teams are required. 
    Documentation is essential...


    Software Documentation ,Technical Writing

    The Adventure of a Tech Writer in the Software Universe

    Maria Nedelcu

    "The Adventure of a Tech Writer in the Software Universe", the topic of the upcoming tekom Romania webinar dedicated to students, is held by Maria Nedelcu, will take place on May 19th (2-3 p.m., EET)...


    Ask the Expert

    Ask the Expert: Team Culture and Motivation in Technical Writing Teams

    Kai Weber

    Fostering good team culture and motivation in a team of technical writers can be tricky. Some teams are distributed or not even a formal team. Some teams are not embedded well in development or...



    Crowd translation on GitHub - the Workflow of Open Source Crowdsourcing Translation with Github and OmegaT

    Yaxing Li

    Crowd translation allows people from all around the world to freely participate in translation projects. You can use GitHub (a provider of hosting for software development and version control using...


    Technical Writing

    Sentiment analysis of technical writing and the language sector

    Kevin De Coninck ,Dries Debackere

    How do people feel about languages and the language sector in general and technical writing in particular? We can answer these questions by means of sentiment analysis. Based on the results, we can...