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PDF, 27 Seiten, 1. Edition 2023
ISBN 978-3-96393-069-0 (E-Book PDF)

Technical Communication on the Road to Digitization

Inside views of digitization in technical communication

Autor(en): Straub, Ziegler
Verlag: tcworld GmbH
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In order to show where technical communication stands and where the journey is headed, user surveys were used to create a representative picture of current digitization initiatives and objectives as
well as their concrete implementation. In addition, conclusions were drawn concerning digital development in technical communication.

Über das Buch

Digitization is red-hot in technical communication

Digitization is a topic that more than 90% of companies are currently actively addressing. However, companies often lack experience with these new, innovative approaches and solutions. Therefore, the need for knowledge and information is high in order to avoid unnecessary problems and to implement digitization projects successfully and efficiently.
For this reason, tekom has actively taken up the topic of digitization in technical communication and associated projects.



Design of the digitization study
1. The Transformation to the Digital Content Chain
2. Digitization initiatives
3. Goals of digitization in technical communication
4. Players in digitization
5. Component content management as a basis for digitization
6. Content delivery as a digital solution for intelligent information
7. Advanced and artificial intelligence
8. Changes in technical communication due to digitalization
9. The value contribution of technical communication in the company