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People 4.0 – peer-to-peer work instructions in an Industry 4.0

Jorim Rademaker


While a lot of companies invest in the creation of work instructions, updating them is a pain, and in the end, they often remain unused. Instead, operators are turning to one another for guidance. This peer-to-peer learning needs to have a digital counterpart. Especially since jobs in an Industry 4.0 setting change ever faster and the human operator is at risk of becoming the weakest link in the production chain. How can we support social learning in digital work instructions?


10.06.2020 | 11:00 Uhr
10.06.2020 | 12:00 Uhr
tekom Belgium
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We’ll discuss

  • The continued benefits of having work instructions
  • What existing solutions exist, with their benefits and drawbacks
  • How can operators contribute to the digital knowledge base
  • How to incentivise, engage and empower workers
  • How digital work instructions can regain their value
  • How an engaged workforce can drive productivity


Jorim  Rademaker

Jorim Rademaker

Jorim Rademaker is a designer/developer who worked in the communications industry for 15 years, before launching his own startup – manual.to. Manual.to is an easy to use software platform that enables any employee to quickly create video + text manuals in minutes. No software needed, all web based, from your smartphone, tablet or regular computer.