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"Equal Goes It Loose": Machine Translation Meets Translation Management

Christian Weih


This famous quote by former German Federal President Heinrich Lübke led to the term "Lübke English", standing for wrong word-to-word translation—something  many people associate with machine-translation quality in present times.
For years, machine translation (MT) has been with us in the form of Google Translate and DeepL Translator. With the latest (neural) technology, MT can be used in the field of technical documentation in conjunction with conventional translation management systems. The lecture shows how MT is integrated in conventional translation processes and what kind of results can be expected.


17.10.2018 | 10:00 Uhr
tekom Europe
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  • What is technologically possible in 2018+
  • How MT is integrated in conventional translation processes
  • What kind of results can be expected.


Christian Weih

Christian Weih studied English literature and linguistics at the University of Mannheim, Germany. As a member of the Management Board of Across Systems, he plays a key role in the company and product development. Furthermore, he provides customers with advice on language technology, translation workflows, and integrated solutions, e.g. for machine translation.