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Authoring, Collaboration and CX - Miss One and You Miss the Point

Steve Wiseman


Outline of contents:

  • documentation is more than "here's how the product works" - design thinking/interaction design and UX is now a core part of the development process
  • technical writers need to create multi-channel, reusable content in multiple languages that is easy and fast to publish, update and archive
  • technical writers work with many departments and job functions, and so how they get input and feedback into their work must also be easy and fast for their busy colleagues
  • users expect a lot from organizations today - content must be digestible, in a format they can access, tailored to persona
  • how to bring all three core experiences together


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26.11.2020 | 15:00 Uhr
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  • a successful technical communicator / documentation manager / content strategist needs to see all three experiences as equally valuable
  • the role of a technical communicator has expanded to become very influential across product, marketing, sales and customer success
  • what makes a great authoring experience
  • what makes a great collaboration experience
  • what makes a great customer experience
  • where to get started on rethinking the role of technical communication at your organization



Steve Wiseman

Steve Wiseman

Steve Wiseman has over 25 years of experience in the documentation field having run his own writing company, and providing consultancy and writing services to both small and enterprise customers. He has also worked in implementing customer service platforms. His unique outlook covers CX, support and where that all fits in the technical writing world.