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Practical Guides

Mobile Documentation

Sonja Broda, Holger Brüning, Prof. Sissi Closs, Stefan Dierssen, Oliver Friese, Michael Fritz, Edgar Hellfritsch, Christoph Mehne, Martin Rüegg, Christoph Schmolz, Martin Schober, Ines Weber, Karsten Wendland

tekom presented a new guide at the spring conference 2014: "Mobile Documentation". This guide aims at providing a tool for technical writers, illustrators, software experts and managers for successful application of mobile technology in technical documentation.

Why is this practical guide important?

The use of smartphones and tablets has spread with great speed. The question now is for which purposes and how technical communication should use these new opportunities. For many, "whether" is no longer the question, but "how".

This guide will provide technical communicators and corporate executives a tool for successful deployment of mobile technologies in technical documentation.

The term "mobile documentation" comprises software support and information products of technical communication, which can be used both on smartphones and on tablets with touchscreens. These information products offer the user a whole new experience—through novel operating gestures, through the options of combining different media and use of context-related documentation as well as the retrieval of the relevant product information with greater focus on topicality. The guide presents different prerequisites and requirements for successful realization of mobile documentation projects. It intends to

  • describe use cases for mobile documentation,
  • outline the characteristics of mobile documentation,
  • describe the basics of and the approach to strategy development,
  • define technical and qualification-related requirements and
  • identify the peculiarities of the editing process of mobile documentation compared to standard editing processes.

These explanations are complemented by checklists of critical success factors for the deployment of mobile documentation and a glossary, as well as a list of references.


Basic information and definitions, Models for mobile documentation, Mobile devices, Use cases, Developing a "mobile" content strategy, Managing mobile projects successfully, Checklists, Glossary, References

Bibliographic Data

Mobile Documentation
DIN 4, 68 pages, 2014
ISBN 978-3-944740-02-7 (softcover & ebook PDF)

The Authors

Sonja Broda, Holger Brüning, Prof. Sissi Closs, Dr. Stefan Dierssen, Dr. Oliver Friese, Dr. Michael Fritz, Edgar Hellfritsch, Christoph Mehne, Martin Rüegg, Christoph Schmolz, Prof. Martin Schober, Ines Weber, Prof. Dr. Karsten Wendland

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