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Where is the journey heading?

Digitalization in Technical Communication.

The pandemic has led to significant changes in professionals’ work practices. They need to work from their home office, cooperating online with others. Many tasks are digitalized. These changes affect the field of technical communication in many ways, since communicating about digital and technical services is one of our core tasks.

Therefore, Digitalization in Technical Communication is a specific topic of interest of this year’s colloquium.

Learn more about Digitalization from the EACs presentations and get involved in interesting discussions -  not only for academics.

A Digital Event by tekom Europe on 11th of June 2021


An interesting program awaits you.

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Talks on the EAC - Learn more about Digitalization




Keynote: Dynamics of Design in Digital Domains: Approaches to Addressing the User Experience in Digital Contexts.
By Kirk. St. Amant


UX-Writing – Professional classification and relevance for technical editing.
By Benjamin Mayer


Considering the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Technical Communication: Towards Agentive Content in Technical Communication for Smart Contexts.
By Gustav Verhulsdock


Hands-on, online – doing a company project on a technical communication course in the middle of a pandemic.
By Jenni Virtaluoto


The Importance of Language in User Experience: The Case of User Interface Texts. 
By Hans-Jörg Elsen & Birgitta Meex


Taking down the Scaffold – A Systematic Approach to Training Proficient Technical Communicators for the Digital Age. 
By Christiane Zehrer

Meetup at the EAC - Discuss and network with colleagues




Competences for UX Writing.
By Sissi Closs


Making better use of social media to communicate technical information/science in a less technical way. The ‘why and ‘how’.
By Nina Remmelgas



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