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Structured Authoring in the Browser - the Possibilities of Web-based CCMS

Ralf Steiner


Dropbox, Google-Apps, iCloud – web-based tools have become a commodity. But what about tech writer tools? Many current CCMS are still based on the classic client-server model. But especially small and medium-sized companies with small tech writer teams shy away from stepping into "big" systems and prefer to stick to their familiar DTP tools. For such scenarios, web-based CCMS are a viable alternative as their SaaS approach does not require any IT investment, while a non-DITA structure eases the adoption.
In the webinar, we will demonstrate with two examples the potential of web-based CCMS.


04.04.2018 | 12:00 Uhr
tekom Romania
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Ralf Steiner

Ralf Steiner, Dokuschmiede GmbH, Germany
Ralf Steiner has been working since 1985 in the field of technical communication as a translator, trainer, and technical writer. Recent projects cover SW documentation, tool implementations, technical trainings, XML-based CCMS solutions, and lately documentation for mechanical engineering companies.