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Sentiment analysis of technical writing and the language sector

Kevin De Coninck ,Dries Debackere


How do people feel about languages and the language sector in general and technical writing in particular? We can answer these questions by means of sentiment analysis. Based on the results, we can also reflect on improving this sentiment in order to make both languages and language related professions more attractive to users, learners and job seekers, and to strengthen the position of both the language sector in general and technical writing in particular.


29.03.2022 | 12:00 Uhr
29.03.2022 | 13:00 Uhr
tekom Belgium
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 So, join this webinar to learn more about how sentiment analysis works and to think along on new opportunities to reinforce your own sector and profession.


Kevin De Coninck

Kevin De Coninck

Kevin De Coninck is doctor in Dutch and English at Ghent University (2006) and senior advisor at the Nederlandse Taalunie (since 2009), the intergovernmental language policy organisation of the Netherlands, Flanders (Belgium) and Suriname to support Dutch, its users and Dutch speaking societies. His main focus is on the use of Dutch, varieties and other languages in Dutch speaking societies and making the individual, social, scientific and economic value of Dutch, varieties and other languages more visible.

Dries Debackere

Dries Debackere

Dries Debackere worked in cross-cultural cooperation consulting for over twenty years and today works as a facilitator at De Taalsector, a Belgium-based industry association in the language sector