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Collaborative Terminology Work

Cordula Schubert-Berker


Terminology has been an intensely discussed topic in the industry of technical communication. In summer 2015, a tekom working group was initiated, recruiting volunteers with diverse backgrounds to identify and record core terminology within the broad field of technical communication.


16.08.2019 | 10:00 Uhr
tekom Europe
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In this webinar, I will introduce you to the goals we set, the rules and processes we agreed on, and the results we have produced so far.


Cordula Schubert-Berker

Cordula Schubert-Berker

Cordula Schubert-Berker has been active in the field of technical communication since 2012. She worked as a terminologist for a market-leading corporation in the beverage and liquid-food industry and in 2018 switched to technical writing for a company providing software and automation solutions in logistics. Cordula has been a member of the tekom working group “Terminology of Technical Communication” since 2015. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Translation Studies and a Master’s degree in Terminology and Language Technology.